Conferences held in Paris at 18 h 30, the 3rd WEDNESDAY of each month from October to March, the House YMCA, 14 rue de Trevise, Paris 9e, lounge "André" on the 1st floor (Metro Bonne Nouvelle or Metro Grands Boulevards)

Next conferences :

Wednesday 15th october, 2014 : La flore du Mont Timfi (région de l'Epire au NO de la Grèce) suite by Pierre Authier.

Wednesday 19th november, 2014 : Flore et végération des Andes, de la Patagonie aux pàramos du Venezuela by S. Aubert, Professeur à l’Université de Grenoble et Directeur du Jardin Botanique Alpin du Lautaret.

Wednesday 10th december, 2014 : le Costa Rica, une flore d'exception by Vincent Codron.

Wednesday 21th january, 2015 : Les orchidées by François Lieutier.

Wednesday 11th february, 2014 : Rétrospective de la Session dans le Jura, à Frasnes by Jean-Claude Roberdeau.

Wednesday 19th mars, 2014 : Session SAJA en Mercantour, la flore de la Haute-Tinée by Jean-Louis Even et Vincent Codron.


Permanence is held every Tuesday at local Saja, Service des Cultures du Museum, 43 rue Buffon Paris. Before you get there, please contact Geneviève Martine tel: 09 54 24 42 72.



Le samedi 27 et dimanche 28 septembre 2014 : La SAJA est présente au Parc Floral pour la Fête des Jardins.

Le vendredi 18, samedi 19 et dimanche 20 octobre 2014 : La SAJA est présente aux Journées des Plantes de Courson.


A "Foire aux Plantules" will be held in May 2015 at the Botanical Garden of Lyon (Park of the "Tête d'Or") We are all invited to participate.

Two trips are offered during the summer of 2015 : The one in the Italian Dolomites and the other in the French Alps. Further information will be available later.







...it begins when you discover a gentian or a silene while backpacking in the Alps.
... it goes on when you buy your first rock garden plants, and your first book about them.
... means falling in love with these tiny cushions that you can hold in your hand, and banishing all the bigger “rockery plants”.
... means filling your car trunk with rocks, risking shock absorber fatigue.
... means that your friends will start taking you for a “nut”.
... means building your Alpine House all by yourself.
... means owning a nice small collection of cushion plants, then losing them all in two or three bad winters.
... means setting your teeth and starting all over again.



To be fascinated by mountain flowers....

... means discovering SAJA one day, in a magazine or thanks to a friend.
... means exchanging plants and ideas with people from all over France, thanks to SAJA.
... means listening to the master growers after having thought that you knew it all.
... means wanting to learn, to observe and love the plants, big and little ones, rare and common ones as well.
... means mastering one’s impatience and cultivating wisdom.

To be fascinated by mountain flowers.....
... means becoming a grower after having been a collector ; it’s trying to understand one’s mistakes so as to learn why a plant died... and not to make them over again. To be fascinated by mountain flowers....
... means ten years of hard work to finally have a rock garden worthy of its name.
... means becoming a member of SAJA again, after missing two years, because its Bulletin really is a botanical reference.
... means obliging one’s family to spend the holidays in the mountains instead of some beach.
... means abandoning the portrait for macrophotography and replacing novels by monographs.
... means experiencing as much pleasure when giving away a rare plant as when receiving it.
... means always keeping one’s head on one’s shoulders and staying alert, even after having mastered the cultivation of some plant or other.

To be fascinated by mountain flowers....
... means taking a few hours of one’s leisure time, to write and share one’s passion with others.




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